Simple, powerful, flexible.

AVR World is the most complete App allowing to develop Augmented Reality solutions for any industry.


Interaction in the virtual universe defines new standards of user experience.


The environment is constantly enriched with all the required virtual information.


Virtual collaboration breaks new grounds in the scenario of working modalities.


Real + Virtual = the maximum power to be possibly applied to your business.

Act simply

Imagine a world in which the information is provided right when you need it. AVR World interactive procedures will give you this… and much more.

Understand more deeply

Handling of virtual objects, display of detailed information, multimedia contents: AVR World provides the overall know-how needed for enhancing your Work and Health Safety.

See the invisible

AVR World simplifies your tasks, by displaying on a device all those structures, data and objects which would be hard to see or reach, otherwise.

Find out what AVR World can do for you.

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